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About Gulabi Gang

The Gulabi Gang is an International Women Welfare Organization Which is Formed by Jointly Jaipraksh Shivhare, Suman Singh Chauhan, Mitthu Devi, Sampat Devi Pal and Hemlata Patel in The Banda District of Uttarpradesh in India. The Motto of Gulabi Gang Work Upon Females Relief like Family Dispute , Dowry Cases , Domestic Violence, Rigid Caste Division , Rape Cases ETC Here in This Organization wearing Costume is Pink Saris, Gulabi Gang is very famous in all over World. There are many Books in world wide Which is written upon Gulabi Gang. This Gang is only for Women, and also famous as a idle icon for women.


Fight For Women Right and Justice,,We envision a society in which women are valued, have a profound sense of worth and equal opportunities to unleash their potential.


Gulabi Gang aims to be a credible nonprofit organization facilitating initiatives of relevance for girls and women in quality education, capacity building and empowerment.

We aim to continuously develop our international network of supporters through efficient, transparent and accountable functions to ensure the sustainability of our initiatives.

Not-for-Profit Existence

Gulabi Gang is driven to achieve its vision and mission and is a not for profit organisation. If some of its activities generate income, it can be used to support the organisation’s programmes and activities.


The setting up of Gulabi Gang is out of voluntary choice of its members, who serve on the organisation’s Board in a voluntary capacity, giving their time and skills. Many organisations work with the help of volunteers and also receive finances as voluntary contributions from individuals and organisations of civil society.

Respect for Human Rights

Gulabi Gang shall respect, promote and defend the human rights of individuals and communities to live in safety, security and dignity and foster a rights-based approach.

Respect for Diversity

Gulabi Gang recognises, accepts, respects and promotes the uniqueness of each individual and community along the dimensions of religion and religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, socio-economic status, geographic location, political beliefs or other ideologies.


Gulabi Gang activities and practices are carried out with honesty and impartiality. The organisation is incorruptible and promotes the interests of its constituencies and the sector at large, without any compromise to its mission and principles

Social & Gender Justice

Gulabi Gang shall promote fairness, impartiality and equity in all its activities, practices and dealings with all stakeholders and shall not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, class, religion, ethnicity, age, colour, nationality, ability, disease or sexual orientation. Moreover Gulabi Gang shall adopt affirmative policies and practices that facilitate equal opportunities for women and groups facing discrimination and exclusion. In this sense Gulabi Gang will strive to ensure a female staff rate of min. 50%.

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