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The Gulabi Gang is an International Women Welfare Organization Which is Formed by Jointly Jaipraksh Shivhare, Suman Singh Chauhan, Mitthu Devi, Sampat Devi Pal and Hemlata Patel in The Banda District of Uttarpradesh in India. The Motto of Gulabi Gang Work Upon Females Relief like Family Dispute , Dowry Cases , Domestic Violence, Rigid Caste Division , Rape Cases ETC Here in This Organization wearing Costume is Pink Saris, Gulabi Gang is very famous in all over World. There are many Books in world wide Which is written upon Gulabi Gang. This Gang is only for Women, and also famous as a idle icon for women.


  • WOMAN EMPOWERMENT: Gulabi Gang strongly fights for the cause that women should have equal socio-economic, cultural and political opportunities as men.
  • CASE STUDY: In 2003, three years before she formally set up the trust, Sampat’s just ways and enterprising streak helped Prema Rambahori, a dalit woman, set up a leaf-plate making business
  • PRODUCTS: Small Scale/Cottage Industries occupy an important place in the economy of India, which is predominantly an agricultural country and a seasonal industry.
  • SERVICES: Providing facilities for a complete wedding within local community with cost-effective solutions to cater to the modest means of the community.
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